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Who Am I

My name is Maxim and following my transformation - I am helping others to become better.

Combining my knowledge and expertise in martial arts , weight loss , movement and transformation coaching I work with my clients on achieving positive life long lasting results: both in body composition and in mindset - changing not only their life but their families as well.

My Mission

My mission is to help as many people as I can to understand the benefits of healthy lifestyle , guide them thru a physical change and more importantly mental change that will be mirrored on their body in a way of lost weight , stronger physique , better movement and resistance to pain and injuries as well as increased energy levels , better stress management , positive thinking and in overall better balanced mind in healthy body.

My Vision

I truly believe that in our time people are bounded both in their physical abilities as well as in their thinking patterns that limits their potential of growth. My vision is to see more people with a better mindset , healthy approach to life and open mind for physical and mental growth - realizing their own potential for themselves and their loved ones.
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What I Do


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Make me Fit

Conditioning from A to Z

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Martial Fitness

Pekiti Tirsia Kali

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My Fit Kids

Kids Conditioning

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Movement Flow

Mobility & Flexibility Training

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Melting Fat

Intensive training for sustainable weight loss

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Mental Fitness

Winning the mindset battle

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Success Stories

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Sonya Shah

Exercise!!! I never use to believe in this word. In October, 2017, I suddenly started with dizzin...

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Very professional. Delivered much more then I've expected. Could overcome one of my disa...

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Fitness training with Maxim has always been a pleasure. 3 month of joining and i can see and fe...

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I'm so glad I have found Max. He is always positive, encouraging and supportive. I love our ...

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Max is an excellent fitness trainer and has vast knowledge of his profession. The variety and cha...

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I really became aware of my potential at fitness while training with Max. I saw results in the fi...

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I am grateful for taking part of the training program with Max as after few sessions i started fe...

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I had been suffering with several back issues for over 4-5 years; and probably felt this would be...

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Max is a superb trainer who knows his stuff very well..I know how much I have improved in terms o...

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  • Address: Caribbean Coast , Tung Chung , Lantau , Hong Kong
  • Phone: (+852) 9744 4736
  • Email: info@4maxfit.com