Dropping the one habit that makes you lose

Decision making !

You are doing it ever day , all day , without paying any special attention to it or giving it a thought.
The more successfull people I learn about , I discover a behaviour patterns they all use one way or another in order to be successful.

Decision making is one of this things .
Making a decision requires certain energy from you - which means each decision drains you out of energy one way or another - and there are good decisions which generates good productive results while other makes you basically feel like crap ( or initially makes you feel good and After makes you feel like crap ).

One of this decision is snoozing your alarm button in the morning trying to steal few more minutes of eyes wide shut.
This decision is one of the first distinguishers between succesfull people with a winner mentality to those who are always scrambling , and here is why :

1. Integrity -  When you set the alarm clock the night before you in fact telling yourself that this is the time you need to get up ( otherwise why should you use a clock right ? ).
Snoozing the clock in the morning breaks your own integrity to yourself . You might not think it is such a big deal , but deep inside you are feeling disappointed and crapy ( In Psychology it might be referred as Dissonance : inconsitacncy between your thoughts and acts  )

2. Focus - In stead of Getting up when you said and taking on the day you are fluffing around . That will never help you develop any kind of focus , clear thinking or taking any proactive actions to make your life better .

3. Energy levels - Waking up with the alarm is hard but if you snooze it then you will never get a good sleep after it in the next 5 minutes you are trying to steal and it will just make you more exhausted .

4. Developing loosing mind set - Saying something to yourself and then not doing it ( even when it is as simple as waking up ) send your brain a message that it is OK to fail ( and its doesn't matter how big is the action ) . If it's OK to fail - you are developing a looser mentality . DON'T DO THAT !

5. SET the TIME on TIME - If you really feel that those extra 5 minutes will make or break your day , then set the clock 5 minutes later - but make sure you are getting up right with the bell.

You see - you can't change big habits and big things , if you will not be able to change the small once .

start small and see how the big things happen .

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Sid Saraf – September 29, 2018:

Nice Blog.

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