Do you need a coach ?

Do you remember the day you went to school ? 

Or if you have kids why do you send them there?

I will take a wild guess that you do that in order to give them the option to grow their level of knowledge and capability so they can apply it in adulthood.

In some way - teaching and educating is a part of being a coach so in some way the teachers in school are coaches of a kind .

Now when we grow up , getting to our jobs and routines ,  most of the time we find ourself stagnated or struggeling with learning new things in order to progress or achieve somthing we desire : it might be new knowledge , new skill , building muscle , losing weight ,learn new language or get rich.

Out of our self confidence and maybe to big of an ego , we think that we can do and learn things ourselves and the truth is that we can .

The problem is that not many people have the will power , disciplin and integrity to push them self forward and even though they can overcome it , it takes extremely long effort and more importantly time

( Which is the only finite commodity) .

Sure  - you can learn Chinese but it will save you much time to get a good teacher and follow his coaching.

Sure - you can build your buisness yourself but it will save you much time to get a business coach that actually can show you the shorter way to do it .

Sure - you can lose weight yourself but it will be much more effective and safe to get a coach that will help you get there faster.

You are right - coaches might be quit 'pricy ' ( Though a price is always a matter of perspective) 

but a good coach can save you monthes if not years of informaiton gathering or trial and error.

The more surprising things is that some people get over their limit and does take a coach and still continue resisting and challenging his knowledge or experience.

We have never done it in school but in life - it is a different story .

On that some other time ,

Be coachable and see how your dreams become a reality .

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