What should you consider when buying a skipping rope ?

What should you consider when choosing a skipping rope ?

There are many reasons to purchase and start using a skipping rope : it is an amazing fitness tool to get your cardio to the next level , improve your coordination and give you full body workout in a short period of time .

When using a jump rope as part of your training routine you can burn over 10 Calories / Minute as well as make your legs and butt that much stronger .

So we get that speed rope is a useful tool but what should you take in consideration when purchasing one ?

lets cover few of them :

1. Rope length 

Skipping ropes come in different sizes and shapes .

There is nothing worse to get a rope and discover that it is too short and you adjust your body position to the length of it instead of the rope be at your service.

For our Mayofit Skipping rope we have checked different length and chose to keep it at 230 CM .

This is the optimal length for people from the height of 160-190 CM to allow them perform repeated skipping with ease & grace.


2. Length adjustment.

Although it is sounds like a great idea to have adjustable length of skipping rope - after testing it is completely WRONG APPROACH .

We have discovered that adjustable ropes use a mechanism that is very easy to break or snap if stepped on .

Both beginners and more advanced jump rope users get stuck and sometimes step on the cord .

This is the worst feeling when your rope suddenly snaps in the middle of the exercise and you can't fix it.


Mayofit skipping rope for that reason is NOT ADJUSTABLE in length and was tested both by athletes such as Boxers & MMA fighters as well as people that train regularly just to stay healthy and both reported great workout experience .

Even when stepped on the cord never snapped !!!


3. Cord weight 

Another factor to make a great skipping rope is to make sure it is heavy enough so it can smoothly rotate on axis.

In general there are 4 main materials used for skipping ropes : Metal cords , PVC , Leather & waived rope ( for which we will not use the chemical term ).

Metal cord has became more popular those days and many people chose it - however there are few issues with it. 

It is extremely painful if you hit yourself ( especially when used barefoot in MMA & Boxing gyms ) , its adjusting mechanism is too complicated for such a simple tool and most importantly the rotational access is not balanced and you feel extremely uncomfortable with weight distribution .


Leather ropes are great ropes However their biggest disadvantage is that they are usually heavy and not suitable for beginners and its much more expensive then standard rope - making it a pricy training tool.

Waived ropes shouldn't be a consideration in general .

They might be good toy for kids to use for short period of time but as they are light and extremely unstable in weight - they are not a suitable tool for someone who want to get their jumping skill to the next level .

PVC is not perfect but it is making the rope stable in weight , durable , smooth in movement and you will thank us if you hit your thumb when skipping barefoot.

We chose to stick with PVC to make our skipping rope durable as well as accessible in price .


4. Grips & Handles.

In this category there is also many choices : Heavy handles , handles with inserted weights , simple plastic handles or a foam covered plastic .

Once again as skipping rope is a simple workout tool that should be both functional and comfy we went with a foam covered plastic without giving you hard time with weighted handles - which sometimes create much discomfort rotating the wrist when skipping.


5. Price 

We have learned that skipping ropes come with extreme gadgets : lights , weights , step counter etc...

It is completely clear that the more ' gadgets ' the tool will have , the more pricy it will become .

The funny thing is with it most of the adds on are irrelevant ! Its a skipping rope - not a car !

We chose to keep it simple , accessible , functional and affordable to everyone .

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