2 In 1 Foam Roller

USD 26.9

Mayofit Foam Roller/Yoga Roller - Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Foam Roller for Relief of Back Pain, Aching, Tight Muscles Related to Sport and Exercise. 2-Piece for Beginner and Advanced

        • WHY THE MAYOFIT FOAM ROLLER ABOVE ALL OTHERS? Because you need a QUALITY, versatile piece of training equipment that can help you with everything from working the knots out of your muscles for Self-Myofascial Release to sculpting muscles faster to more efficient and structurally better Yoga positions. The 2-Piece design makes this suitable for beginners and advanced and constantly helps you to improve
        • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE - For the advanced, exercising on an unstable surface is an excellent way to engage more core muscles and make total-body exercises like planks or pushups even more challenging. Beginners ease slowly into exercises safely and with complete control.
        • GET MORE FROM YOUR WORKOUT. Improve your pre-workout stretch to enhance any kind of exercise. Improve yoga moves for better posture and comfort. Use the foam roller instead of a yoga block as it provides better balance and releases muscles easier. Enjoy greater flexibility and performance in Crossfit, boxing and all contact sports. Finally use for your post workout stretch to increase blood flow and circulation for a better range of movement and muscle regeneration.
        • THE PURPOSE OF BUMPS AND RIDGES in the roller is to mimic the hands of the masseuse or physical therapist. The variety of textures helps to provide the right amount of pressure for an accurately targeted massage. The acupressure grids give you a deep tissue massage which loosens the knots in your muscles in preparation for a good night’s sleep and gets you ready to face the next day. All this without the high costs involved in getting a massage.
        • BUY NOW and enjoy having the easy to carry, EVA foam 2 in 1 compact roller always at your side. At just 13 x 5.5” it can go anywhere with you. You also receive a FREE 30-page e-Book! This is a NO RISK purchase! If you are unhappy in any way, just return within 30 days for a full refund.

2 In 1 Foam Roller

SIDDHARTH SARAF – July 17, 2018:

Nice Product. Working from home meant we couldsnack and coffee our breaks change our desks or view good drink on the job even spend the weather started getting roughday in pajamas consequences.

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