Mayofit Skipping Rope

USD 11.99

Jump Rope - Professional Skipping Rope w/ Anti-Slip Handles for High-Intensity Aerobic Cardio Vascular Workout, Boxing, Speed Training, HIIT, Exercise, MMA Fitness for Adult Men and Women. By Mayofit

WHATEVER YOUR FITNESS LEVEL you should be jumping rope but you have to do it properly


IT’S CHEAP, IT’S EASY, IT’S FUN! If you don’t feel like paying expensive gym fees, learning to use complicated gym equipment or learning steps in an aerobics class - you need a Mayofit jump rope and Youtube on your phone or computer. You can find anything from easy to advanced workouts for free and in the comfort of your own home.


CONDITIONING WORKOUT FOR YOUR BODY IN JUST 15 MINS. Start slowly using the standard 2 feet and plain jumps but it doesn’t take too long until you build up your skill and in just 15 minutes you can treat yourself to an amazing workout which will burn calories for weight loss, improve coordination, agility, speed and cardio fitness.

Mayofit Skipping Rope

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